Moon Princess

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Immerse yourself into the magical world of Moon Princess and hunt fabulous riches with the the princesses Star, Love and Storm

Moon princess is one of Play’N Go´s latest additions to their diverse and creative slots, this time we get to follow three manga themed princesses that occasionally shows their individual powers, and sometimes shows their combined power to bring the players better combinations.

Game’s Theme
It’s quite clear that Play’N Go has taken inspiration from the popular Sailor Moon franchise that recently rebooted. The game features a a regal theme with a bright color scheme with blue, red and green. The characters are seemingly an Americanized style of manga. Play’N Go has since long been popularized with their creative slots and bonus mechanics this is no exception. With the random princess features and a high potential bonus game and vivid graphics this slot never disappoints. The symbols in this game the princesses Star princess, Storm princess, and Love princess. the regular symbols are depicted as star, heart, angelic-bell and a green circle. The wild is depicted as a orb with a golden overlay.

In-Game Features – Wilds, Symbols, Free Spins And Bonus Game

Reels and paylines
The game features a 5×5 grid with 27 paylines and 5 reels.

Princess trinity and free spins feature
The free spin feature is activated by filling up the princess trinity feature bar that’s located to the left on screen by hitting 3 winning combinations with any of the girls. The 3 different princesses will utilize their special abilities.

Love: Transform one set of symbols into another random symbol
Star: Two randomly placed wilds on any of the reels
Storm: Destroys two set of any random symbol

Free spins game
In the end of the trinity feature if the princesses manage to clear the whole grid free spins feature is activated, when this happens the you will have 3 options, Love, Storm or Star depending on witch you choose you can either go high risk, high reward. Or potentially choose one of the safer options. The free spins function features a growing multiplier that can go up to 20x, the multiplier does not reset between spins and is kept until the end of the bonus.

If you manage to get fill up the princess trinity meter the function re-triggers up to a maximum of 20 free games.

Play’N Go delivers as usual the slot is bright colored and fast paced. But as stated in the overview the slot is Extremely volatile so we would not recommend playing this slot on a small budget.